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Keto Protein Snacks


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LOW Carb

2g carbs for the entire bag!

High Protein

An incredible 21g of high quality protein.

Great Flavors

Award-winning taste that'll make you think you're cheating!

The Best Protein Snacks


Nicolas Castoro

Got to try these thanks to a member of my gym and immediately ordered a case. Super crunchy and full of flavor!


Delicious! Totally takes care of a salty, crunchy craving. We received a sample from Gainzbox and wanted to try other flavors.

Lesley A. Brooke

crisp filling protein snack, like a potato chip u can’t eat one, but you can eat the whole pouch without guilt!

The Best Protein Snacks

OUR Flavors

Crafted 100% in the USA, Power Pops Protein Puffs are available in White Cheddar, Bacon Cheddar, & Parmesan Garlic!

The Best Protein Snacks
The Best Protein Snacks

Crafted to Fill You Up & Keep You Full

Our puffs are made with slow digesting protein, which helps your body effectively use the 21g protein. That makes it a perfect snack anytime day or night. Power Pops will fill you up and keep you full significantly longer than any other snack. No, Really.

Snacks for weight loss

The Search for Healthy

It Started 4 Years Ago In Mom's Kitchen

On his own health journey, Ben was tired of the same protein bars and shakes every day. He wanted to find a better snack that actually filled him up between meals; to actually deliver on the promise of snacks. He tried other options but they tasted horrible. Focusing on taste, quality, and functionality, Power Pops Protein Puffs were born after 1,300 trials in his mom's kitchen.

High Protein Low Carb Snacks

The Absolute Best

Protein Possible

Whey, which is the typical protein of choice, is good for the 2 hours after you workout. Power Pops are made of casein, a higher functioning and higher quality protein perfect anytime.

Power Pops Protein Puffs
Power Pops Protein Puffs
Power Pops Protein
Power Pops Protein Puffs
Power Pops Protein Puffs