The Best Keto Protein Snacks

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Protein Snacks


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Best Keto Snacks

Low Carb & High Protein Cheese Puffs

21g protein and 2g carbs lead the incredible list of macros. Power Pops are also designed to fill you up and keep you full.

The Best Protein Snacks On Earth

Building A Reputation

"Got to try these thanks to a member of my gym and immediately ordered a case."

The Best Protein Snacks

Revolutionizing Protein Snacks

The first and only snacks to use casein, a superior protein with wide functionality. 

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Best Keto Snacks

White Cheddar

The Best Protein Snacks

Bacon Cheddar

Best Keto Protein Snacks

Parmesan Garlic

Superior In Every Way

Incredible Taste | Top Quality | Wide Functionality

100% made in the United States, Power Pops Protein's only mission is to have the best protein snacks possible.  

Recreating the tasty cheese puff to have the signature crunch wasn't nearly enough. Replacing the carb and fat loaded snacks of yesterday with high quality protein and topped with incredible flavors makes Power Pops Protein second to none.

The Best Protein Snacks
The Best Protein Snacks
Keto Snacks
Low Calorie Protein Snacks
Keto Protein Snacks