Power Pops Protein Puffs

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Best Protein Snacks
Best Protein Snacks
Best Protein Snacks

Low In Carbs | High in Protein

Stay full longer

Over 28,000 mg in Aminos

Extraordinary Macros

Incredible Flavor

Keto friendly

100% USA made

Superior Functionality

Snacks So Good

You'll Think You're Cheating!

Recreating the tasty cheese puff to have the signature crunch wasn't nearly enough.


Replacing the carb and fat loaded snacks of yesterday with high quality protein and topped with incredible flavors makes Power Pops Protein second to none.


How We Size Up








Total Fat



Leaves You

Feeling Full






Total Fat



Leaves You

Feeling Empty





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Frequently Asked Questions

What's In Them?

Power Pops Protein Puffs are made with casein protein, one of the highest quality proteins on the planet. It's designed to digest slower and keep you full longer, letting your body use the 21g of protein more effectively! They are coated with delicious flavors that use real cheese and no artificial flavors. Our facilities are all located in the US, are FDA inspected, and follow GMP and SQF procedures.

How Big Is The Bag?

Each bag is a single serve pouch with only 2g carbs! It has a resealable zipper just in case!

Can I Buy Them In Stores?

Yes! Well it depends. We're based in Denver, CO, so most of the stores we're available in are around the Denver area. As we grow and become more widely available, we'll update this page. A map of our current stores can be found below!

Are They Gluten Free? Allergens?

We're very cautious with cross contamination with various allergens. Our ingredients are gluten free and we’re now packed in a gluten free facility - all facilities are FDA inspected and we follow GMP and SQF procedures. We're working on getting the official 'Certified Gluten Free' seal to certify our process and change it on the bag. Our allergens are MILK and SOY.

Why Are They So Expensive?

We substituted out low quality fats, carbs, and calories with high quality protein. Our goal isn't to be cheap. Our goal is to be the best, with sunflower oil instead of corn oil, real cheese instead of the fake stuff, and casein protein. With our entire process here in the US, we believe it further cements our commitment to providing the absolute best. That often comes with a cost - but our cost is still a tremendous value. For example, we have over 28,000mg of aminos in 1 bag. The cost of one bag is almost entirely covered by the value in aminos!

Are they Keto Approved?

Yes! They fit seamlessly into a keto diet. They're actually a better option than most snacks because of the hefty amount of protein!

How Fast Is Shipping?

We ship all orders from our website from our warehouse in Denver, CO. Expect them in 1-3 business days! All orders are shipped with USPS Priority Shipping.

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